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As part of our mission to support agency sustainability and the public benefit, our Resources page provides you with free or low cost information and services. Strategic Community Partnerships does not endorse any of these organizations or services, but provides this information for your convenience.

Community Based Research

California Health Information Survey (CHIS)
Database developed from a statewide telephone survey on health and health access to some 45,000 households conducted every two years. Data can be accessed on the state, county, and Service Planning Area (SPA) levels in Los Angeles County. 

California Food Policy Advocates
County nutrition and food indicator profiles for 58 counties in California, with a statewide ranking for each county. Data can be downloaded by county on food insecurity and nutrition indicators (food stamps, school meal programs, WIC, etc) and some health indicators such as low birth weight babies, obesity, diabetes, etc. Copies of other related publications are available.

Census Data & Geographic Information Services (CD&GIS)
Special Service for Groups
Short term data requests are usually free for nonprofits. Requests that require compiling data and GIS mapping are at cost for nonprofits on a fee for service basis. Training on how to access online data sources offered through the Center on Nonprofit Management. 

Community Toolbox
University of Kansas website provides more than 7,000 pages of free, practical guidance. “How to” information on community based research, program development, community engagement, evaluation; tool kits outline key tasks, examples, and support for 16 core competencies or skill areas; troubleshooting guides; links to databases for best practices;  on-line questions can be submitted to an advisor; and linkages to other online resources.

Data Place
Database focused on housing and demographic information. Data is provided from multiple sources, including 1990 and 2000 U.S. Census, Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, Section 8 Expiring Use, Internal Revenue Service, U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development, and others.  Data can be accessed at the community, region, and national level to develop maps, charts, tables, and area profiles.

Healthy City
Database of community resource information, demographic, economic and health data.  Search for community services and map data using GIS technology. It centralizes data from the U.S. Census, Center for Nonprofit Management, United Way of Greater Los Angeles, 2-1-1 Los Angeles County, CHIS, Los Angeles County Health Survey, California Departments of Education, Health Services, and WIC programs.  Information is limited to Los Angeles County.

Kaiser Family Foundation
Covers the latest data sources and research on racial and ethnic disparities in health care, including information on access and quality, the health care workforce, and public opinion. This library also includes resources specific to the health of sub-populations including Latinos, African Americans, Asian Americans, and Native Americans.

Living Independently in Los Angeles (LILA)
Interactive site created by local residents with disabilities using their personal knowledge and expertise to identify and map local independent living resources. The information system also incorporates public databases relevant to the disability community. Users can develop GIS maps of community resources, limited to Los Angeles County.

UCLA Center for Neighborhood Knowledge
Provides public access to data and information for neighborhood improvement such as property tax delinquency, building permits, and building code complaints from city and county agencies and others. Neighborhood Knowledge Los Angeles data can be accessed for a single property, census tract, zip code or council district, but is limited to the City and County of Los Angeles.  Neighborhood Knowledge California covers the state,

United Way of Greater Los Angeles, Poverty Resource Center
Provides reports and catalogs data and research findings on social trends and programmatic and policy solutions; technical assistance and training on research, data resources, analysis and evaluation.

United Way of Greater Los Angeles, Zip Code Data Book
Provides demographic information by zip code based on U.S. Census, California Departments of Health Services, Finance, Public Social Services, and others.  Data is provided mostly in tabular formats and includes some maps, but this is not an interactive website. Data is limited to Los Angeles County.

U.S. Census Bureau
Official website of the U.S. Census Bureau provides data from many different surveys. The most well-known is the official population census of the United States, called the decennial census conducted every ten years (most recently in April 2000). The Census Bureau also conducts nearly one hundred other surveys and censuses every year.

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Finance & Fundraising

Center for Nonprofit Management
Provides free access to commercial databases for on site use to identify potential funders, including foundations, corporate giving programs, and government agencies through its Nonprofit Library.

Clearinghouse for Volunteer Accounting Services (CVAS)
Matches small nonprofit organizations with volunteer accountants who can provide a wide range of services on a pro bono basis.

Flintridge Foundation
Free access to grant seeking databases and Philanthropy Resource Library. Workshops and trainings on organizational, resource, leadership and community development offered on a sliding scale fee basis. Free programs to organizations serving children, youth and families in the Northwest Pasadena and Altadena areas on grants seeking, grantseeking technology, capacity building scholarships, and opportunities for “Conversation with the Funder” sessions. Conference center rentals available.

Foundation Center
One of the largest data bases for information on foundations and corporate giving programs, housing 92,000 listings. Information on individual foundations can be accessed and includes copies of foundation 990 tax returns. Conducting research on its Foundation Directory Online database requires a paid subscription, but it can be accessed for free at the Center for Nonprofit Management and other repositories.

Free financial information on over 800,000 nonprofits and foundations. Free viewing of IRS 990s, and a “Donate” button to receive contributions from donors.

Provides free online tips on grant writing, and lists grant opportunities available to public and private nonprofit elementary and secondary schools and districts across the United States. 

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The California Endowment
Free publications on evaluation related to health and cultural competency, cultural issues in assistive technology, public policy and advocacy, and social change.

Planning an Effective Program Evaluation
A free, short, on-line PowerPoint course on how to develop an evaluation plan, produced by the Minority Opportunities in Research (MORE) division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH)/National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS).

Resources for Methods in Evaluation and Social Research
Private site providing an extensive list of free evaluation-related sites, organized with annotation.

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IT Support

Community Financial Resource Center
Instructional computer workshops on PC basics, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. Classes are two hours and cost $5 each. Call (323) 233-1900 ext. 235 to enroll.

npower Los Angeles
Technology instruction to nonprofit organizations in Southern California.  Some 120 seminars ranging from standard Microsoft Office applications, FileMaker Pro, computer basics, nonprofit accounting software, technology planning and more. Nonprofit organizations with an operating budget less than $500,000 may be eligible to receive scholarships.

Tech Soup
Resource center for nonprofit technology.  Provides discounts on software, sometimes up to 90% off the list price; recycled hardware through national listing of recyclers and refurbishers; directory of individuals and organizations that provide technology products and services to the nonprofits; online discussion forums and blogs; Learning Center organized by subject:  how-to's, worksheets, case studies, profiles, and product comparisons for all budgets and all levels of technical expertise.

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Human Resources

Center for Nonprofit Management
Publishes on-line and print versions of “Nonprofit Directions,” employment listings in the nonprofit industry. Individuals can view job announcements for free. Organizations can post a job announcement, and are charged various prices depending on ad size. Listings are California oriented, with a particular focus on southern California.
Nonprofits can post job announcements and individuals can view employment listings for free. Listings are global in reach. Also lists internship and volunteer opportunities.

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Legal Assistance

Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, Community Economic Development
Free assistance and advice on nonprofit incorporation and tax exempt status, earned income tax, lobbying and political activities, employment law, contracts, intellectual property, fees for service liabilities, and other matters. Assistance is provided in-house or through outside pro bono attorneys.  Call (213) 640-3884, ext. 5445 for an appointment.

Public Counsel
Free seminars on how to form a tax exempt, nonprofit organization. Free publications on child care law, children’s rights, community development, nonprofit incorporation, fiscal sponsorship, homelessnessProvides a wide range of transactional legal services to qualifying nonprofits and micro-businesses, such as start-up incorporation, tax exemption, corporate structures and policies, board and organizational liability, employment laws, laws affecting fundraising, tax compliance, lobbying and election activity, drafting and reviewing contracts and financing documents.

USC Law Small Business Clinic
Free basic corporate legal assistance to nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and entrepreneurs that cannot afford to pay market rates for legal services. Matters are handled by second- and third-year USC law students, working under close supervision of a full-time law professor and a supervising attorney. Clients are selected based upon a variety of factors, including complexity of the case and the size and variety of the Clinic’s case load. Clients are seen by appointment only. For an appointment, contact: USC Small Business Clinic - email: or phone: (213) 740-1928.

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Organizational Development

Board Source
Low cost books and tools, free articles and publications on board structure and governance.

Faith In Communities
Free, one to three day workshops in Los Angeles County, funded by the City and County of Los Angeles. Topics such as: fundraising, budget development, strategic planning, public relations and marketing, evaluation and administrative capacity building.

Nonprofits’ Insurance Alliance of California
A liability insurance pool exclusively for 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit organizations in California. Its mission is to offer a stable source of reasonably priced coverage tailored to the needs of the nonprofit sector, and assist with the development and implementation of loss control and risk management programs. Members offered free services in driver training, consultations in employment and pre-employment termination, personnel handbooks, borrowing privileges from an audiovisual library, and access to secure website resources. Low or discount services for background checks, Webinar series, and on-line tools for Board development.

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Volunteer Programs

Service Leader
A project of the RGK Center for Philanthropy and Community Service, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, University of Texas at Austin. Provides information on all aspects of volunteerism:  how to develop a program, screening, matching, record keeping, evaluation, legal issues, risk management, and virtual volunteering. 

Volunteer Match
Online network matching volunteers with nonprofits seeking assistance. Post volunteer opportunities, track volunteers, increase organizational visibility of your organization. Free registration.

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Last update to this resource guide:  July 5, 2010